“I was amazed…remarkable that it reduced the utility costs by 50%… They were experiencing 93ยบ temperatures in offices…when the Solar Comfort went in the temperature difference was unbelievable…the whole branch air seemed to change. The office personnel remarked on how well it works. We took off all the shiny, reflective (tint), now we have Solar Comfort. It’s a one time cost..doesn’t wear out and does it’s job.


Roy Pegg~GM Cormode Dixon Construction, Dominion Trust Bank, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


It’s a fantastic value…. it really is. You couldn’t sit in the corner office before the product and now it’s the most desirable place in the dealership. I’ve seen many other products… it does exactly what we needed it to do. We never get complaints about the heat from the sun.


Dave Jackson~Chrysler Dealership, High River, Alberta


“We can’t imagine not doing this…it maintains an even temperature. Our house was just hot, really hot and cold. It keeps in the heat or the cool. My husband keeps commenting how little the boiler goes on… we have 15 foot windows and I can still see my view.”


S Cameron~ Homeowner, High River, Alberta